Sunday, May 18, 2008

John and Bugs

We went to an auction on Saturday and then went on to King's Island. John carried a big black ant from the auction to King's Island. Here are video's of him and his ant. When he was on the bumper cars he sat the bug down next to him and you will see in the last video that he would check on his bug every time he was bumped (he is in the blue camouflaged shirt). Made Mark and I crack up, lol.

^In this short movie we are on the train (you can hear that it's a steam engine in the background).

video video


Kim said...

Did they ever start the ride? Did he lose the ant while the ride was going? It's pretty neat that John likes bugs so much hopefully he wont pick up a bug that could hurt him.
Did Luke and Matthew get done with there school work early?

regina barnett said...

Very cute.

papersunshine said...

Oh my, I can relate though! If JP comes home with one more "pet" gypsy moth worm, ugh. I even showed him how harmful they are to trees but they make nice little friends...