Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Great Deal

This is the wardrobe my hubby won at the auction for 5 dollars a week ago. It is in our bathroom being used as a linen closet. I love having a place for the extras. I asked him if I could paint it white and he said "You have been spending to much time looking at my sister's blog". I love my sister-in-laws' blog!! Don't you think it would look wonderful white? (Or maybe not)


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

LOL! You know what my answer to that is -- it would look GREAT painted white!
That's a great piece by the way; does it have lots of shelves inside?

Cheryl said...

Mark put 3 shelves in it. That will do for now. I will need to go through what's inside when I have more time. A lot of towels and wash cloths from auctions to use and not mind if they get stained, but Mark thinks we have way too many :-).

Thank you Becky! It will stay the way it is. Wood color is OK too. But I will always wonder what it would have looked like white.