Saturday, August 17, 2013

Did someone say sheet music?!

I didn't have anyone buy sheet music until the second day of my yard sale.  I know she saw my ad in the paper because she says to me "When you said sheet music, you're not kidding!  I figured you would just have a few pieces."  Yep, I estimate that I have about 200 to 300 sheets of vintage sheet music.  I have to say that when I went through them once again I do have music back to the 1800's and a lot from the earlier 1900's.  I love the old sheet music!  The pictures on the front are wonderful to look at.  So, if you lived in my area would you have been by?  I am thinking if I can find the time I will share pictures of what I have.  Oh and by the way she bought 18 pieces of sheet music.

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