Sunday, August 12, 2012

 The auction I went to this weekend was at an old victorian house.  I thought it was beautiful!  There was so much vintage goodness and antique amazingness!  I wish our budget could have withstood some major spending but alas it’s just not meant to be.  I am very happy with the vintage greeting cards I bought, though!

Go here if you want to see a little of what I am talking about:
(Don’t know how long that will be there to see)

So during the auction we were informed that the most valuable lithograph to be auctioned off had been stolen.  Can you believe it?!  Someone walked into the house and just picked it up and walked out!  How awful.  How can a person look at themselves in the mirror after doing something like that?


I will be sharing pictures soon of the greeting cards, takes a bit of time to scan them.  I have scanned some of the Christmas cards and will be sharing a few on my Christmas blog over the next couple of days.  Check them out when you have a chance.

I went ahead and scanned a couple.   Here ya go...
The inside...
Hope you liked my little teasers! :o)


Shelley said...

The auction sounds wonderful...I would have been happy just to see the home :) Your cards are very sweet...blessings dear friend


Your cards are always so pretty and sweet. You are pretty and sweet too, so they remind me of you! I love auctions, not many here at all, but I've gone to two in my life and it's where I got my Meisson two tier in ble and white onion pattern. Have a blessed week, my friend.