Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vintage Cookbook we bought at auction

I thought I would share a couple pictures of a Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book that we acquired at an auction.  This one has everything you would think, hand written recipes on loose paper, recipes from magazines and newspapers.  We have many cookbooks that we bought at auction but I think this is my favorite (yeah, a favorite cookbook).  My Mom had one from about the same time that I loved.  Hers was love-worn, probably even more than this one.  The year on this one is 1947, I think my Mom's was about 1950.  This may be one of the oldest cookbooks I have.

My husband thinks I have too many cookbooks!  Is that possible?  OK, I guess it is.  That reminds me my name was drawn for the cookbook at Cooking with Libby!  How fun is that!

Friday, February 10, 2012

(P)Interesting Review Blog

I just happened on a blog that makes the recipes she finds on Pinterest and then reviews them.  Check it out - Pin. Eat. Review

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Did you know?

Honey over at 2805 wrote about what is happening with Google Friend Connect I copy and pasted from her blog.  

"Google is discontinuing Google Friend Connect this March for all platforms except Blogger. It is also a strong rumor that they will also cancel GFC for Blogger  in the near future.

Some of our terrific Blogging Friends got together and contacted Brent, the man behind Mr. Linky.  He has created a new Linky Followers platform on which we can connect with each other.   I’m still using GFC  since I’m on Blogger, but I think this is a great new tool to have  to stay connected with non-Blogger friends and, who knows what may happen to GFC in the future.

It's easy to sign up, you just follow his clear instructions.  Plus, you don't need a blog to sign up either.  Brent’s  service is free and he has included some neat options:
  • View the blogs you follow
  • Read follower posts from your list or on a scrolling feed
  • Group your followers
  • Mark your favorites for quick access and viewing
  • Plus, it’s much easier to follow back someone who is following you (unless you use the "random" set up on how you want your friends pictures to appear)  I choose the newest to appear at the top.
  • Plus you can even "feature" a blogger!"
 (Cheryl Now)
I put the Linky Follower button thingy over on the side bar above the Google Follower button thingy, in case you would like to follow me on that one, too.  Thanks!  Let me know that you did the Linky Follower thingy and I make sure to go follow you too.  (Now you see why I copied and pasted!)