Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love living where we have the four seasons.  Each season has its own unique qualities.
Winter is snow and sledding, hot chocolate and Santa and did I say snow?
Spring is beautiful sunrises or sunsets and flowers, exciting thunderstorms and warmth.
Summer is long days of sunlight and no coats or sweaters, Popsicles and vacation.
I grow in anticipation of each season.  Fall is in the air now.  We will have pumpkins and fallen leaves, crisp mornings and hay rides.
In the Fall, plants and trees die or sleep making me appreciate the Spring when things come to life.  In the Winter we have extreme cold making me appreciate the warmth of Summer.  I try not to complain about heat or the cold because I know it is temporary and soon things will change again.  It does every year with out fail.

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