Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Started homeschooling on the 17th. Have all 3 this year. Can you say "challenging"?! I feel like that is all I do, probably because it is pretty much. I find homeschooling difficult and really have to fight envy of those it seems to come easy to. I had my doubts and suggested we send the boys to public school but hubby is pretty set on me doing this, so this I do. Anyway, I say all this because I will be posting even less now. You are thinking "less? How can you post less than nothing?" :o)

Have to say that John loved language arts today. He is in kindergarten and today we acted out Jack and the Beanstalk and of course at the end I was the ogre (yes, that is right) and he was Jack and I chased him. Being chased was his favorite part, lol. He wanted to do it again so we did and we would probably still be doing it.

Oh, and I am having a yard sale tomorrow. Too much work but need to do it. I am praying it doesn't rain. No rain would be nice.

Well, I gotta go there's a history lesson with Matthews' name on it.
Take care.


Shelley said...

Hi Cheryl,my you do have your hands full. You will reap huge blessings from homeschooling your children. I never home-schooled but I did have my three oldest children in a christian school for a good while. My youngest is in his 11th year of public. We do live in a very small town which helps a lot...but I still believe homeschooling is so much better if it is in the means to do so.

God's blessings on your adventures

DART said...

Oh, sounds like you'd rather not...hope it goes well for you Cheryl! I know it's not the easiest work to do, but I do hope it gets easier for you once you get into the swing of things and maybe public school next year? : )