Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We went to an auction!

I know, I know. That's nothing new. But we did and Mark was wanting to hit another so I wasn't able to stay at this great auction that had this purse I bought and I bought some cool old books I haven't gotten pictures of, yet.(How's that for a run on sentence?)
This is a lamp Mark bought at the auction he wanted to go to.

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Shelley said...

Hi Cheryl,I love auctions but I haven't been to one in a while. There is much going on in my life right now! I wanted to thank you so much for visiting mom and leaving her a sweet comment. I know she will feel so blessed by your kindness. I have a dear friend who is just getting started in the world of blogging. If you like you can go see her at 'Once Upon Fairyland'. Her link is on my sidebar,bottom left. She is so wanting to make some blog friends and she would be trilled to have you visit her. Hope you are having a lovely summer. Mine has been very hot thus far.....