Monday, February 02, 2009

Can you spell pirate?

Luke was in a spelling bee a week and a half ago. It was a great experience for him. The word that got him was pirate. He couldn't understand why they said it was wrong when he was sure he had spelled it right. Later he mentioned to me that he was sure he spelled it right and I let him know he forgot the silent 'e'. The interesting thing is he knew just about all the words that the kids had to spell he just happened to get the one he didn't know. Another interesting thing is if they didn't have a practice round the girl that won would have been out of the game the first round. I am proud of my Luke!


DART said...

I'm proud of your Luke too! Hope he is too! : ) WAY TO GO LUKE!!!

Not a Granny said...

Hi Cheryl! First it's Facebook and now blogging!!

Shelley said...

Hi Cheryl,good for your little Luke. He's precious...thanks so much for your prayers.. I am doing great.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

We thought Luke did a GREAT job, and are proud of him too!