Monday, March 10, 2008

With God

I am going to tell you a little bit about Kelsey. I learned about her from my homeschool list. They learned that Kelsey has a life threatening brain tumor on Feb. 4th. She had surgery on Feb. 13th. She is going through treatments now. This is a very encouraging family whose love for God is very inspiring. I want to share with you a poem that 15 (just turned that) year old Kelsey wrote.

With God

I like to be by myself, but I can't stand being alone.
I love the dark, but I hate not being able to see.
I enjoy meeting new people, but I hate being with strangers.
I want my voice to be heard, but I despise talking loud.
I want to be in a hall of fame, but I don't like being the center of attention.
I want to have my most complicated problems solved, but I don't want complicated answers.
I want to always be healthy, but not have to take medicine.

The answer: GOD!

With God, I can be away from the world, by myself, but not be alone, for He is with me.
With God, I can be in the dark, be blind, but see more than people of this world can.
With God, I can meet new people, but they won't be strangers, because they are children of God, just like me.
With God, my voice can be heard even when I whisper.
With God, I can enter His hall of fame, but not deal with the pressure of earthly fame.
With God, I can have even my most complicated problems solved with a simple answer.
With God, I can have an incurable disease, yet be healthy in what matters most.

WITHOUT GOD, I will be with the world, and be totally alone.
Without God, I will walk around with my eyes wide open, but not see as much as the Christian blind man sees.
Without God, I will meet all the people in the world, but they will always be strangers.
Without God, I will have to raise my voice as loud as I can to be heard, but still not be heard when it matters most.
Without God, I will have to work extremely hard to get into a worldly hall of fame, but not get into the highest one.
Without God, my most complicated problems, can't be solved, and the attempts will be so complicated, I won't understand them.
Without God, I will have to take pill after pill, but will always be incurably sick.

With God, I can achieve anything.
Without God, I will achieve nothing.

What's your choice?
Copyright Kelsey Harris 2008
Used by permission


Shelley said...

Hi Dear Cheryl, thanks for sharing Kelsey story. I pray her story will have a miraculous ending. Healed and cancer free.

She is a very talented young woman to write such a moving poem with so much truth to it.
Thanks again for sharing and keep us posted on Kelsey's progress.


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Cheryl,
I thought I would come by for a visit since it's been a while. I just haven't felt like blogging much. I have been doing post's and all, but just haven't felt like visiting as much. I am trying my best to stay off the computer so much. That is a beautiful and very touching story that Kelsey wrote. I will be keeping her in my prayers. I seen where you had internet problmes as well. I'm glad it's fixed now. We will start moving Friday morning, so I will be without internet until sometime on Monday. That's when the Cable people are suppose to come out and hook us up over at the other house. I hate that your Son bit his fingernail into a quick. I used to bite my nails and I have done that many a times as well. It does hurt. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

regina barnett said...

What powerful words. Love the poem. Thanks for sharing.

papersunshine said...

Oh how amazing!! What beautiful insight and words. She is very talented and in a way self-prophetic with the illness. I will pray for her and her family that God's wisdom and blessings will flow from this situation. And I will pray for healing! Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem :)