Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Perry Como Once more

Perry Como Christmas in Austria 1976 Part 7 and Part 8

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Karen H. said...

Good Morning Cheryl,
Wow, I can tell you really like Perry Como. I never really did listen to him. I hardly even listen to the radio anymore. My kids are always wanting to listen to it when we are in the truck, but I won't let them because I don't like what they listen to. I like Country Music and Older Rock and Roll. You know, the Good Ole Days Rock & Roll. It sure is cold here this morning. It was 28 degrees with a windchill of 18 earlier this morning. It is only 32 degrees right now. They just got thru saying we MIGHT see a little Wintry Precipitation this afternoon. But if we do, it won't be enough to really speak of. Well, take care my friend and have a Blessed Thursday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.