Monday, October 29, 2007

Been Tagged Again!

Shelley over at Shelley's Vintage Variety tagged me, I need to tell 7 interesting things about myself (this may be hard)

1.I love to laugh and make others laugh (we have a talent/no talent show put on by someone at church,at their house or another members house, I have done a stand up comedy routine for 3 consecutive years)

2.I was born and raised in The Apple Capital of the World, Wenatchee, Washington

3.When I was 13 my childhood home was destroyed by a boxcar blast on the railroad (we lived next to the switchyard).

4. There is no more room in my house, so I better get to E-Baying!! (Note: Auction this Saturday sounds tooo good, so I gotta make some room :-)

5.The only other country I have been to is Canada. Been there about 6 times.

6. The house we live in now was built in 1840 and started out a schoolhouse.

7. I have a metal detector and frequent a metal detecting forum.

Whew, did anybody find any of that interesting? Maybe I shouldn't ask that, lol.

Thank you, Shelley!


Shelley said...

Dear Cheryl, thanks so much for listing your seven interesting things ! How interesting your house was once a schoolhouse ! What history it must hold. You are blessed!
Blessings, Shelley

regina barnett said...

Oh! i would love to see your house. i love old houses. They ae so full of history.