Saturday, September 01, 2007

Went Fishin'

The boys and I went fishing today. It was their very first time to fish. They enjoyed it and didn't want to quit. Luke and Matthew loved to fish and John loved to play with the bait (which were wax worms). John didn't want to hold his fish for the camera. A friend from church let us come fish with him. A friend of his owns this small lake or maybe it is considered just a pond. The fish we were catching were blue gill. The lake also has bass and crappy and I think another kind of fish. Here's a few pictures and a few movies.

This is Luke's very first fish.

Look at Luke's face, that says it all!! Click on picture to see it bigger.

Another priceless expression!

This is Matthew's first fish. Not a very good picture.

John's first fish. He didn't want to hold it no matter how hard Duane tried to convince him.

I caught a couple big ones...a tree and a chair :-).


Lori said...

Cheryl, Loved the photos! So miss my boys young! I just thought that next month it'll be one year since my oldest son moved to AZ and I'm just as sad as when it happend, plus not seen him for 9 months! Cheryl, hang onto them when their small, the years slip away! Love, Lori

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Looks like the boys had fun fishing!
When is the fish fry? ;)

Cheryl said...

I hear ya, Lori!

Funny you should ask, Becky. We went to Duane and Barbara's fish fry yesterday. They have one once a year. MMMM so good!!

papersunshine said...

What a beautiful place to go fishing! The boys do look like they were having fun! I dont blame him for not wanting to hold the fish :)