Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Put one afghan back on E-Bay

This is the nicer of the 3 and I lowered the starting bid.


papersunshine said...

I cant believe that didnt sell! I love it! I keep thinking about buying it but the color soesnt match anything in my house AND I have 4 hand made afghans form my mom, sisters, grandmother and friend all stored in the attic. Seems kind of sad :(

Cheryl said...

Why are you not using any of the afghans? Just curious. They don't match, either? That is sad. One day break you oughtta them out and use them. Do you have pictures of them?

I thought it would go this time but not looking to good. Go figure.

Thanks, Lori.

Cheryl said...

I meant to say "one day you oughtta break them out and use them".