Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Dear Sweet Mark!!!

Today is my sweetie's birthday. He is... wait he is looking over my shoulder and said to me "You're going to tell how old I am on a public blog?!" OK I won't do that. He said "older than dirt". He's so funny!:-)

My boys (actually Luke) picked out the card from them. The card they got him said on the front, a long, long time ago... and then when you open it it played the theme music from Star Wars and said on the inside were born. "A long, long time ago you were born." They just had to get it for him because the music was so cool. I was thinking how appropriate that one would be next year, but it is still sweet of them and Mark enjoyed it!

I bought him some seat covers (I will let you figure that one out). His current seat covers were becoming very blessed. I got a good deal on some shoes at Kohles, a nice black pair for 13 dollars, and a shirt and a pair of khaki's. I love a good sale!!

That's it for today. I am going to put excerpts of old home movies on here in a few days so don't forget to check back.


Lallee said...

Happy Birthday to Mark one day late. Sound like a cute card the children picked out.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Mark (who will always be older than me! ;)

papersunshine said...

Love the card idea from the boys! Got to love kids :) they enrich our lives in MANY ways!