Saturday, August 18, 2007

A funny from my 3 year old

My 3 year old is trying to be more and more independent. When I see him putting his shoe on the wrong foot I will say "other foot" so as he is taking his shoe off and starting to put it on the other foot he asks "this one Mommy?". Cracking me up!

Added Later:
My boys and I are coming back from a fast food run (I know, baaad), I hear my 7 year old, Luke say to his 5 year old brother, Matthew, (after Matthew says nobody loves him in the whole world, which just breaks my heart to hear) anyway, Luke says "even when I am mean to you, I still love you, even when Mommy or Daddy spanks you, they still love you". Luke was trying to console his brother. It was sweet and a little humorous at the same time. I feel I should add that I made sure he knew I do love him as well as his brothers and his Daddy and that God loves him even more than that. I told him when we get home I would give him a big ol' hug. Luke and Matthew are like "ewwww". I ask you, "What's wrong with a hug now and then?" They crack me up all the time.:-)

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