Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did someone say, Auction!!

We went to an auction on Saturday and were surprised that there weren't very many people in attendance (and even less when the sun came out from behind the clouds). Well, they would ask what people wanted off a particular table and would auction those things off. Whatever was left on the table was auctioned together. We won quite a few lots for a buck or two. One lot had the nice glass snack trays with the cups to match that might be used for a tea party (I couldn't believe nobody wanted those). There was a huge pile of bedding, that I got for a buck, that had about 3 nice afghans that I thought I might try to sell. I got a box of books for a dollar or two. This box of books had the Anne of Green Gables set of 8 books (I didn't realize there were more than two). I haven't taken any pictures but if anybody is interested in seeing what we got I will take pictures and post them in the next few days.

Have a great day!!!

And oh, yeah, I have been collecting old View Masters with the reels and this auction did not disappoint! I love the old reels!!


papersunshine said...

I would love to go to an auction! I can't imagine what you got, three afghans? Hand made? Wow, the time it takes to make those. Anyway sounds like you got some awesome bargains!

Cheryl said...

We did!! There are actually 5 or 6 of the afghans.

papersunshine said...

Oh my! I would love to see a picture! I have several that people in my family have made for me, it's quite a tradition for me :)

Cheryl said...

OK, your wish is my command. (I musta watched too much I Dream of Jeannie :-))

I'm not sure when I will get the chance to get the pictures done, but hopefully soon.

Thank you, Lori!