Thursday, August 09, 2007

Computer issues

Well, actually it's our internet phone but Mark unhooks the router to my desktop to see if that helps with the phone. Something like that anyway. I can hear who I am talking to but they can not hear me. I call my sister in Washington State to test it out and she understands that I can still hear her even if she can't hear me. She let's me know when it is acting up and stays on until I come back. It's a bummer because I am having to use my laptop and I do not know how to get my pictures to here. I am saying all that so people who care know why I haven't put the pictures on here that I talked about the other day. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last day without the desktop. Oh yeah, the mouse isn't working either. Hate when things like this happen. Oh, well, I will survive, I think. :-)

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